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Banzai Promotions is an authorized Kaeser and Blair dealer. Established in 1894, Kaeser and Blair is a leader in the field of advertising specialties and promotional products. Whether your needs are imprinted products as a business incentive, trade show giveaways, safety reminders and awards, promotions for new products or services, employee awards, corporate clothing and jewelry, embroidered clothing, public relations, or niche marketing, we have the products you need at the best prices.

Please review our online catalog and compare our pricing with your current needs. We know that our service can be an asset to your marketing campaign.

Although, we have access to over 750,000 products; items in our online catalog have special pricing that Kaeser has worked out with top vendors exclusively for their dealers to pass along to clients. If you have any questions or would like a blind bid on your next promotional need, please feel free to contact us directly.

Web Page Design

home page for Dickerson's Construction

Get your business on the internet. Use your web site to promote your products, your store and make it easy for people to find you.

A web site isn't only about online commerce. It's a way you can show your products in colour and with longer descriptions than you can with a traditional color flyer ... and for much less cost. You can change and update your web site easily and quickly without the expense of reprinting and redistribution.

Tie in your web site with promotional items and your regular advertising. Have coupons and giveaways that people can get when they come to your store.

Talk to a Banzai rep and see how easy it is to get your business online and take advantage of this cost effective new way to advertise your business and products.

Promotional Items

Banzai has a wide variety of promotional items for every budget to help you keep customers coming back. Pens, t-shirts, caps, notepads, buttons and much more.

Banzai Promotions: Serving you with personal and professional service that brings you results.

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We have experience and creativity on our side!

authorized Kaiser Blair Dealer

Banzai Promotions is made up of real people with real experience.

We work with you to get you what you want, not what we think you should have. We can help you with everything from concept, to layout, to artwork to getting the items made or printed. If you have an event or need help marketing your company or store, we can assist you there too. Whether it's a sale on products or a large event that brings a lot of people together, we can help you put it all together.

Banzai Promotions works with industry professionals to give you fast and professional service, whether it's promotional items, advertising or web design services.

Banzai provides a full suite of Marketing and Promotional services

  • Image and Identity Development
  • Strategic Marketing Consultation and Planning
  • Print Marketing Communications
  • Web Site Design and Content Development
  • Direct Marketing E-communications
  • Graphic Identity Development
  • Advertising and Media Purchasing
  • Marketing Copywriting and Editing
  • Photography Services
  • Contractor Management
  • Graphic Design and Illustration

    Poster for Doo Dah Day

    Banzai Promotions has the experience and talent to design your logo and to design it in a way that you will be assured that you will be able to use it on any number of the products you need for promoting your business.

    We can prepare or upgrade your current designs to work on promotional products or we can design something fresh and new for you. All our work is original and of the highest quality.

    Illustrations are often needed as part of your advertising campaign or as part of your media kit or brochure. We don't use stock illustrations. Your company is unique and should have quality and unique imagery that shows this.

    Truck illustration for Action Concrete

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